Indulgences or Nah

I find it funny that my conference calls start with who’s drinking more, who’s not drinking at all. Who loves their kids as an escape and who (kidding kinda) wishes they would get picked up. Others turning into munchie hounds needing exercise while others who loved meat are turning into vegans. People who loved music playing want silence while others are playing music louder. I have tried it all as well, thought things staying as normal as possible would be best but it’s really turning into Groundhog Day (movie) and you wake up wondering what day it is. Ironically whats worked the best is to switch to non conform lately. A paper with pencil calendar on the fridge, every day do / eat / do something different. Granted I am shooting myself in the foot when the schedule we once knew eventually comes back (fingers crossed… i think?), but hell… just trying to get by one day at a time. Sunday Monday Happy Days.