Jockeying Ex’s

I do apologize for not being on point with my blog. Dealing with ex-husbands is never a fun thing (unless you are that lucky small percentage who are adults and can get along), and now it has turned into another job in my long list of jobs. With the economy in such shitty shape his business has dropped and mine has sustained. Worried about what will happen when school ‘won’t’ start in September (would love to be wrong this time)… prepared for the worst (as a dear to my heart once said ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’) I have lined up a plethora of schooling for the entire summer. And low and behold, it doesn’t work with his schedule and I was supposed to get it approved first. First come first served so I was trying to get anything I could that made sense before being put on a wait list. Another key in getting divorced, was if I waited to find out availability I would have moss growing on me. Hmmm paying for and setting up education or her sitting doing nothing… overly used but necessary term for this one NO BRAINER.