i slept in for the first time in years and felt guilty. hate waking up, looking at my phone and going ‘holy shit’ instead of ‘wow go me’

What I Miss

A reason to wear stilettos. Baseball. Dinner at a nice restaurant. Going to a shop and buying something elegant to show off for no reason at all. Getting out on the water. Variety in life. Feeling sexy. Not having a perfect kid melt down for no reason because she doesn’t know how to handle this situation. Cards have not been doing it for me anymore, hence missing the casino. Wanting vacations to not be the thing of the past. Mother nature not being so volatile. Friends & family around. Putting on makeup. Did I say baseball 😉

Bad Mom 101

Frustrated with her lack of performance in math I played a card I shouldn’t have played to try and kick her in the butt to get more motivated. Needless to say it worked. However it was painful and almost backfired. I had bad dreams all night. I will never be able to take it back. Not good when a bad action actually does result in success. I hold onto things forever. She will probably be in therapy later in life remembering what I said. Hard to stay an optimist in this pessimistic pandemic world. Stay sane ‘san diego’…

Porn Star

When your guys asks you ‘who’s your favorite porn star’ it’s it a double edge sword (pun intended). Aren’t you supposed to say ‘oh hunnie it’s you’.



Do guys measure everything by ‘finishing’? Do we finish on the reg, we don’t. Why do I feel (do others feel this?) that when they don’t ‘finish’ we didn’t do our ‘job’?

Help me out ladies.



Bought 2 things that went together at the same time. Both arrived in same location for fulfillment. 1 showed up the other didn’t. Amazon says contact manufacturer, manufacturer says contact Amazon. Amazon won’t take customer services calls during the virus. Work needs products. Money to be spent and nothing to be received. Trying to stay sane in an insane world.

Buying online frustration.

#amazon #workfromhome

Indulgences or Nah

I find it funny that my conference calls start with who’s drinking more, who’s not drinking at all. Who loves their kids as an escape and who (kidding kinda) wishes they would get picked up. Others turning into munchie hounds needing exercise while others who loved meat are turning into vegans. People who loved music playing want silence while others are playing music louder. I have tried it all as well, thought things staying as normal as possible would be best but it’s really turning into Groundhog Day (movie) and you wake up wondering what day it is. Ironically whats worked the best is to switch to non conform lately. A paper with pencil calendar on the fridge, every day do / eat / do something different. Granted I am shooting myself in the foot when the schedule we once knew eventually comes back (fingers crossed… i think?), but hell… just trying to get by one day at a time. Sunday Monday Happy Days.

School End?

lucky our school has online programs to keep her going. unlucky that homework is doing things that require food not in the pantry and extra time when i have business calls… beggars can’t be choosers tho when it comes to education. being a stay at home mum, business woman etc is exhausting… wish i could sleep more. we all have our trials and tribulations to get over in this crazy time. i feel badly for many and then i think about older people not seeing their kids graduate and kids not getting the proper graduation rights of passage… the year of no holidays…