Frustrated. Lack luster posts, I do appologize… Will get back on the band wagon again promise. 155 out of school and I had work still to do and now homework is needed. Granted it’s nothing devistating… just need to find arts and supplies for someone who clearly doesn’t need help in that area. MATH is needed… ugh. Funny how I had so many funny things to say before I started this blog and now I seem bitter… I promise I’ll find my way again, I think

Lurking in the Shadows

self motivation (in theory) to do something other than organize, gather and dispense of trash, cleaning, laundry, dishes, meals, making sure kiddo is balanced & then theres of course… work to make sure the bills get paid… weight is the same but body composition is decomposing… weird unsightly curves, can’t look at myself in the mirror these days.


Don’t get me wrong… I love men.

I remember when my mother had me read ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. I just get too much of a laugh at how idiotic their reasoning is. So we need to be out the door at 7am, at 655am he decides to go outside to tend to the garden (thought bubble… dumb ass it’s time to go). Standing at the door waiting (getting hot from the coat). Ahhhh… I yell out, ‘um it’s 704’… ANGRY, “why didn’t you tell me”… feeling like “Lucy” in “The Lucy Show” I look up with my eyes like “IDIOT HELLO!”

Spacial Question

So guys love to show off how they can ‘score’ on oye so many levels… they can get the paper crumpled into the trash across the kitchen with a hail of praise… the ball into the net in the backyard hoop like it was larry bird at the playoffs… why are their dirty clothes on the floor 2″ away from the laundry hamper in a 6′ x 4′ bathroom?


Mother nature is pissed. Not only are we dealing with a Pandemic then we get rain, snow, hail, and gale force winds. That’s a mom that’s venting! Way to start this free flow off. Hope you enjoy my banter.